The Five Highest Priced Monkey NFTs

The most prevalent NFTs seem to have monkey motifs. It could be tough to comprehend why they are so popular given their high cost. Zipmex claims that clients like the monkey NFTs because they provide them access to famous people, though. You will have access to a celebrity-only Discord server after you have a monkey NFT. Networking with celebrities and access to more NFT collections are also benefits.

For those who don’t know, the monkey NFTs are made by the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). These are about 10,000 in number and each one shows a faceless monkey. Although his attire and headgear are inconsistent, the monkey’s expression is constant.

The bulk of NFTs, including the most expensive nft monkey, are present on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the second-largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Monkey NFTs are now clear to you. We now need to determine which ones are the priciest after determining that they are pricey. The top five most expensive monkey NFTs available are listed here.

1. Yacht Club Bored Ape #5199

After seeing this NFT, “The Terminator” is the first thing that comes to mind. The robotic fur and cyborg eyes on the ape in this NFT are obviously unsettling characteristics.

It is one of the few NFTs with only four properties, while being expensive. Even now, no one can explain why the cost is so exorbitant. However, it possesses the most sought-after attribute combinations, which may account for its high cost.

If we discuss when it was sold, we may understand its appeal. The cost of this NFT has since increased from the initial 5 ETH ($14,000) asking price. It was acquired for 425 ETH, netting BAYC a profit of $1.5 million. This sale increased the demand in particular for monkey NFTs.

2. 1606# Boredom Ape

From this NFT, several qualities can be inferred. In this NFT, a monkey is shown wearing stylish clothing. To begin with, its pink fluffy coat and brimmed cap give it the appearance of a hip-hop performer. The animal also has laser-emitting eyes and an unshaven face.

Before you understand that the ape shooting lasers is against an army green background, it seems out of place. Maybe you served in the military. The initial asking price was $61,000.

After being bought and sold at auction, the selling price rose to $708,00. This sum represented a small portion of BAYC’s approximately $500 million market capitalization. A portion of BAYC’s enormous revenue was given to charity. In August 2021, the company gave $208,000 (about 66.45 ETH) to the nonprofit organization Orangutan Outreach.

3. Bored Ape Yacht Club # 7090

In the majority of monkey NFTs, we’ve come to anticipate the apes’ bored faces. However, the monkey in this NFT is smiling, which is not a look that signifies ennui. Its remarkable trait is that it has teeth that are several colors. The golden fur and the red service uniform of this NFT monkey are likewise remarkable. This NFT has a rarity score of 250.33 thanks to all of these qualities.

Because this NFT was originally purchased for 199 Ether, or $563,000 USD, its selling is remarkable. Prior to being auctioned for 600 ETH ($2.25 million), it had only been stored for one month.

The price paid for this NFT made it one of the most costly NFTs ever acquired, setting a new benchmark for BAYC. The business made a staggering $1.69 million, or a 303% profit, in just one month.

4. The Bored Ape Yacht Club # 2087

If you use this NFT, you’ll experience a psychedelic-like feeling as if you’re taking psychedelic drugs. This NFT has kaleidoscopic-style fur in a kaleidoscope of colors. The monkey then puffs on a cigarette while flashing his irate eyes. For those who detest emotionless monkeys, especially, its enraged expression is a welcome contrast.

This NFT does more with just four features. As a result, this NFT is popular due to its ease of use. It was initially sold for $229 (0.08 ETH), and five months later, it was resold for $2.3 million (769 ETH).

The buyer’s identity was unknown when it was sold for the greater amount. This transaction sparked more interest in the buyer because it was one of the most costly NFTs ever sold. The buyer was claimed to be NFT collector Snoop Dogg, although it’s unclear who he really is.

5. Ape #8817

This non-financial asset is intriguing because of the distinctive way in which its qualities are combined. This NFT has a gold-furred ape with a party horn in its mouth, a spinning hat, silver hoops for earrings, and a wool turtleneck.

It displays a sleepy or irritated facial expression. This NFT is ranked as the thirteenth rarest NFT by Rarity Tools while being reasonably common. The NFT appears unique because of its peculiar mix of characteristics.

Right now, this NFT is the priciest thing ever sold. It was sold at renowned auction house Sotheby’s Metaverse for $3.4 million (852.39 ETH). Which NFT do you anticipate will cost more than this one? All we can do is wait and observe.


Of all the cryptocurrencies now in existence, monkey NFTs are the least understood. Why would someone pay so much for a photograph of an ape is the first question that pops into my head.

Those who purchase them compare it like purchasing a painting from a gallery. Similar to those paintings, monkey NFTs are extremely rare and sell for extremely high prices.

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