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Guide for choosing green pest control company in College Station 

If you have found clear signs of pest activity in your home in College Station, don’t waste your time trying DIY hacks. Pest control requires extreme attention to detail and a clear understanding of unique infestations. Professional companies like Backyard Comfort and Pest Control offer comprehensive services for residential clients, and you can expect custom solutions. In context, you may hear the term “green pest control” often. Here’s what you need to know.

What is green pest control?

There is no standard definition of green pest control. However, in broader terms, this essentially means eco-friendly and non-pollutive ways to eliminate pests. Many companies often also use natural products that are safer for the planet and other species to counter different insects and rodents. Many green pest control products are also derived from plants. The various strategies used with this approach are at least less toxic than the standard pesticides and chemicals.  

What are the examples of green pest control?

When it comes to containing usual pests, green pest control involves using botanical products rather than chemical-laced ones. The second one is mosquito control, for which traps and bait stations are used rather than insecticides. There are also naturally derived sprays used to get rid of mosquitos. For termite control, borates and bait stations are practical instead of the usual soil treatments. Rodents are removed from properties using green pest control ways like exclusion and trapping.

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Should you care about green pest control?

The short answer is yes. As a customer, you have a role in protecting the environment and avoiding the ruthless extermination of insects, rodents, and other pests, as many species are critical for the ecosystem. You could make a conscious and better choice by choosing green pest control. 

What should you look for when selecting a green pest control company?

Firstly, ensure the company is licensed and insured. Pest control jobs, even when natural means and methods are used, are risky, and you don’t want to incur additional liabilities. Secondly, check what kind of green methods and strategies the company uses. The technicians should be able to clarify their approach and how their steps could come in handy to contain the situation. There is no point in using green pest control unless you see evident results. 

Finally, don’t step back from comparing the prices. While green pest control is expensive, it is still a better choice for your home and the world. 

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