The founder of FRESENIUS was Eduard Fresenius in Frankfort. Since then they are working for the betterment of instruments and health care experts. Fresenius Doctors Corner is a team of more than 70,000 people. Fresenius is known for being the world’s famous provider of products and services for patients with renal diseases. They provide best care facilities that enhance the quality of life of its patients will link up sharp minds in Kidney care to dream research and innovate. It is engaging in hospital management, engineering and services for medical centers and other health care facilities.


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In 1960, Doctors Corner Fresenius get to know about the kidney disease is one of the major disease at that time. So they start to work on it, how they can serve and help people in curing this kind of disease. At that time, they use to import latest equipment for dialysis.

In a span of ten years, Fresenius start working on its own machinery. In 1980 Fresenius Synthetic Polly cell phone became more productive for dialysis. Fresenius provide the facility of dialysis at home.


Fresenius medical care doctors corner works with a promise of patients first. And it starts with complete care for people suffering from kidney diseases. Fresenius doctor corner is a full scale dialysis provider. It works for the innovative solutions for the severe disease that is setting new standards for the industry. Provider hub from Fresenius Medical Care deals with the needs that matter a lot to physician, practitioners also includes 24/7 access to patient’s medical reports. You can effortlessly check in-labs, meds etc. while you also make notes and sign orders all in one at the same time.


In Fresenius Kidney Care Doctors Corner, they give free classes for patients of kidney diseases. Where the doctors and experts give knowledge about various stages of kidney disease and their treatments. Fresenius Doctors Care tries their best to provide healthy life style to their patients. Home dialysis is more comfortable that is why the doctors prefer home dialysis. Home dialysis also means to stay with your family. So at times the doctor’s advices home dialysis for their patients.


The facilities that Fresenius Doctors Corner provides makes the company active in more than 150 countries. And it also operates more than 80 facilities. This easy approach of exchange of documents and equipment’s to manage health record between centers and hospitals. It will help everyone to know exactly what is the issue and how to resolve it. That will be very helpful for both the patients and providers.


Q1: When did Fresenius came into existence?

A: It came into existence in 1912.The founder was Eduard Fresenius.

Q2: What are the number of patients who got dialysis from Fresenius?

A: There are more than 3.5 lac people who get their dialysis from Fresenius.

Q3: What kind of Kidney product Fresenius provide?

A: They provide the most up to date machinery for dialysis around the globe.

Q4: What type of company is Fresenius?

 A: It is a healthcare company built in Germany. It provides products and services for dialysis.

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