What percent humidity should a humidor be at?

A newbie cigar smoker will often ask this question: “What humidity percentage should I keep my cigars at?” This question is similar to many other cigar-related questions. It all comes down to personal preference. While most cigar smokers agree that the right humidity range should be between 60%-75%, every cigar smoker is unique and has their preferred humidity level.

It is important to separate the question into two parts:

  1. How humid should your humidor be if you’re aging cigars?
  2. How humid should your humidor be if you smoke cigars?

Your humidity level should be higher if you plan to age your cigars for more than six months. If you only intend to keep the cigars in storage for less than six months, your humidity level should also be higher. For the sticks I plan to age, I keep a separate 10 Best Humidor Hygrometer. This humidor is kept at between 70%-74% humidity to keep the natural oils from drying out.

If you plan to keep your cigars in storage for a shorter time before you start smoking them, you will need to lower your humidity than if they are aged. Because I prefer dry smoke, I keep my regular Digital and Analog Hygrometer (non-aging), at 63%-67% humidity.

You can experiment with different levels of humidity to determine what level you prefer. This experiment was done with the Gurkha Factum Presidential Cigar. Three cigars were placed in three Zip Lock bags containing three different Boveda Pack levels (69%, 69%, and 72%). The cigars were kept in their Zip Lock bags for two months. I then compared them.

Humidity 72%

Gurkha Factum, which was kept at 72% humidity, had a soft and spongy texture to its length. Because the tobacco was not very resistant, the pressure of the punch cutter caused the cap to cave in a little. Although the draw was smooth and easy, it didn’t produce much smoke. The wrapper burst towards the foot shortly after lighting. The ash was very flakey and fell often. It was very hot and I could not smoke it to the nub. It took 81 minutes to smoke. Buy Rivotril Online

Humidity 69%

The Gurkha Factum at 69% humidity was slightly firmer and less spongy that the one at 72% humidity. The punch was simple. The draw was clear and easy and produced plenty of smoke. The ash was a bit brittle and fell a lot. It was cool to smoke and was easy to get to the nub. The smoking time was 96 minutes.

Humidity at 65%

The Gurkha Factum was kept at 65% humidity and was plump and firm. It was simple to cut the punch. The draw was easy, clear, and produced lots of smoke. The ash was dense and compact, and it fell about every 1.5 inches. It was cool to smoke and was easy to get to the nub. Smoking time was 88 minutes.


These humidity percentage results have confirmed my preference to keep my humidor at 65% humidity. Excess moisture seems to cause the wrapper to split when it is exposed to heat from the cigar. Although the 65% cigar burned faster than the 69%, the ash was compacted and the burn line was more even. The 69% cigar performed well so I recommend 65%-70% for your ready-to-smoke cigars.

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