Keurig Green Mountain – The Best Keurig Cleaning Kit Reviewed by the Consumerist

What better way to learn about your new Keurig cleaning kit than to actually use one? Here are some tips on cleaning your machine and why it might be worth the time.

A quick overview of the Keurig Green Mountain coffee machine and what its cleaning kit is capable of doing to your machine.

1. What Is The Keurig Cleaning Kit?

The Keurig Cleaning Kit is a collection of four cleaning products that come together to help you clean your Keurig coffeemaker. It includes two types of cleaning supplies—a scrubbing pad and cleaning solution, and a reusable bag.

2. Is Keurig Kit Worth The Money?

The Keurig coffee machine doesn’t cost much more than the disposable pod system, but it produces a better cup of coffee in my opinion. I’ve had pods that tasted terrible and have had those that taste just fine. When it comes to the quality of the coffee, however, I find the Keurig to be superior. I’m a huge fan of the K-Cups and will continue to use them. But if you prefer to use a traditional brewer, I don’t think it’s worth it.

3. Are There Any Advantages Of Keurig Cleaning Kit?

Some people feel a bit weird about using cleaning products that have chemicals in them, but if you’ve tried everything else, then Keurig Cleaning Kit is likely the only solution left to get your home clean without chemicals. Keurig Cleaning Kit is a great alternative to conventional cleaners, which are often harsh and not very effective in removing stains. With Keurig Cleaning Kit, there is no need to use toxic chemicals to keep your home clean. Just add water, open the lid and press the button, and Keurig Cleaning Kit is ready to use.

4. What Do Keurig Customers Say About Them?

In the study, Keurig customers are more likely to say that the quality of the coffee was excellent. Also, when asked whether they enjoyed their experience with the Keurig machines, 57 percent of respondents said yes. This suggests that Keurig is creating a great experience for its customers. In fact, there’s a difference between people who purchased the Keurigs and those who didn’t. Those who bought the Keurigs are more likely to say that their experience was “excellent” or “good.” Keurig’s message is that buying a Keurig is a good decision, because the machines are good.

5. Where Can I Buy Keurig Kit?

Before you can even start buying a Keurig K-Cup brewer, you must have a Keurig K-Cup brewer. A Keurig is a standalone device that heats water and brews single servings of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. They’re made by the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters company, and are available on Amazon, BestBuy, Target, Costco, and other retailers. While you can buy individual K-Cups and brewers, they’re not cheap—you can expect to pay between $30-$80 for a single K-Cup depending on the size of the cup and the brand. Buying a full set of 12 cups is the cheapest option, and will cost you around $


In conclusion, while it’s great that Keurig cleaning kit is providing a cleaning kit, we can’t help but wonder why the consumerist isn’t focusing more on the company’s ongoing issues with their product quality and customer service. We’ve had several customer service issues with Keurig since the company announced the release of its new line of single serve coffeemakers in April, 2011. And now we’re having to send back our machines because they won’t brew properly. The consumerist does not recommend purchasing the Keurig K60 Plus Single Serve Coffee Maker with Water Filter, although we still believe it is the best single cup brewer on the market. It is unfortunate that this is what Keurig has become known for and is now the subject of a lawsuit with the Consumerist.

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