Is Christmas A Good Time To Post on Instagram?

If you are wondering if Christmas is a good time to post on Instagram, then this post will help you find the answer. Okay, first thing first, yes, it is a good time. Actually, it is one of the best times to post on Instagram.

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Posting on Instagram during Christmas will help you grow your account. You may want to take a break during the Christmas holidays, but here are the reasons why you should post during this time.

4 Reasons Why Is Christmas A Good Time To Post on Instagram

Before we start, don’t forget that Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. So, that makes it a special occasion to be more active on Instagram during this time.

People Want to See

During this time, everyone is busy preparing for the big day’s celebration. People also want to know what other people are doing, especially the people they follow on social media. So, if you post around this time, you will have tons of eager audiences who want to see your posts.

People Can Relate

Everyone becomes excited about the day. The only thing that goes around this time is the celebration of Christmas. Your posts related to Christmas will be engaging for them. They will easily connect with your posts and share them with friends and family, meaning that you will get more reach.

More Impression Opportunities 

Average Americans get only 7.6 paid holidays per year, and Christmas is one of the most common ones. That means, during this time, most people are at home, and they have leisure time to keep scrolling through Instagram. The more people spend time online, the more impression opportunities you get.

Promotional Services

Brands go in a crazy mood for marketing themselves through social media during Christmas. It’s a great opportunity for them to popularize their brands. And popular brands also intend to sponsor creators to wish their audiences and to promote their brand. 

Be super active around this time, and you have a great chance to get sponsored by one of the big brands. It will make your Christmas grand, won’t it?

Tips on How to Leverage Christmas for More Social Growth

As you can see, Christmas offers you a good opportunity to grow; however, you must be careful about your posts. Here are some tips that can help you succeed at Christmas:

Tell Them What You Are Doing

Your loyal audience cares about you. Keep posting about what you are doing at this time. It will keep them interested for more. You can show them how you plop your hair.

Deliver A Message

Festivals are a great way of spreading love and promoting friendship. Use Christmas to deliver a message to your audience that they will love to share.

Don’t Just Focus on Sales

If you are getting a sponsor, that is great. But do not make your posts all business-like. Be friendly and focus on connecting with them emotionally.


Don’t waste your time thinking about “is Christmas a good time to post on Instagram?”. Rather be active and start mind-mapping your post for Christmas. Remember that it is one of the best times to post on Instagram as it offers you more growth opportunities.

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