We all know that this is the time of technology and we are pretty indulgent in this technological age. By using this technology, we are aware of our surrounding events and happenings. For the good use of this technology and tactics, we need some devices and tools. I phone 13 is a new discovery nowadays and getting fame very fast. It is a new I phone model, which is likely to be a part of the company very soon in 2021.

I phone 13 pro max is expected to launch very early in 2021. It has some drastic changes that will affect its use. This model of I phones 13 pro max will be released from China and it is claiming that it has more good features and look than another model of I phone. There are chances that Apple will change its name from I phone 13 to another.

I Phone 13 Features:

After a considerable change in this model, a new design emerged. It has a new camera system with great sensors at its back. The camera bump and notch exist on this device. It is expected that notch would be reduced or eliminated out from the device. Some people also notified this that I phone 13 Pro max would come in the market with a 120Hz display. Many dummy videos are also released on social media and advertising this model.

YouTube channels

Many YouTube channels are showing the features of the upcoming I phone 13 pro max. The dummy of this device is showing that it has a large camera and focusing system as compared to I phone 12 pro max and the sensor count of both devices would remain the same. It has a separate LiDAR sensor and an LED flash module.

Many suggested videos of I Phone 13 pro max claimed that it could be of very small size. It has an earpiece which is place on its top. However, many other phones which have already released in the market have eyepiece at the center. This feature differentiates the I phone 13 pro max from others. This might be because of its bigger camera size and sensor.

The I phone 13 pro max has slightly lighter in color than the phone 12 pro max. The dummy of this phone shows that its color is graphite-like. But it does not meet with the other I phone colors. The back is slightly dark. The colors offered are white, black, blue, green and red. Apple mostly changes the color to boost sales of its products. It has antennas which have a very light color. If we focus on the shape and dimensions of I phone 13 pro max, it has a thicker design. The design of the device is very obvious.

 Touch ID support

If we talk about iPhone 13 pro max model, it would have touch ID support in addition to face ID support. The other existing models of I phone has face ID support. The dummy which is appeared in the video of I phone 13 pro max does not show that whether it would go with an in-display fingerprint technology or with the touch ID technology that is entrenched in its power button.

The dummy video

of I phone 13 pro max does not show that whether it has a 120Hz LTPO display experience or not. This feature maintains the temperature of the device. However, this feature should be in it. The series of I phone 12 pro max was very amazing. I phone 13 pro max may use RFPCB and a good display. One report on social media is showing that it has a 7P wide-angle lens with a 1.6 aperture size.

It has two lenses in the camera.

The lenses of the camera are covered with a sheet of glass. This will protect the device when lying plane on its back. The company may gadget various design variations to increase durability and water-resistance as well. This is the feature of I phone 13 pro max that it is water-resistant. This is a very attractive feature of it. The device is also very durable like other devices of I phone.

Apple will probably release at least four models of I phone 13. It means apple will give a variety of choices to its users with great options to get more sales. The company will give different storage options such as 64 GB, 128GB, and 256GB. These storage options have different price rates as well. In the smartphone market, there is a trend of technology that the display should be of high display rate. So, the screens of I phones show a high display of 120Hz. This display feature may refresh with the passage of time by the company to boost their sales and attract their customers.

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