What Are Cummins Sales And Service

CUMMINS is a leading manufacturer of diesel and gasoline engines for commercial, industrial, and agricultural applications. With over 130 years of experience, cummins understands the needs of the modern engine customer. If you are looking for quality Cummins parts and services, then you have come to the right place. At Engine Parts Express we can provide you with everything from cummins sales and service to expert advice and guidance. We know what it takes to keep your Cummins running like new, so contact us today to get started!

What are cummins sales and service?

Cummins is a global manufacturer of diesel engines and components. The company has sales and service branches in more than 150 countries, making it one of the largest diesel engine manufacturers in the world. Cummins sells its products through distributors, dealers, and OEMs.

The company’s main products are industrial diesel engines for trucks, buses, construction equipment, marine vessels, trains, and other commercial applications. Cummins also produces diesel fuel and additives for use in these engines.

Cummins has a wide range of services available to customers worldwide. These services include product support, warranty repairs and replacements, training and educational programs, and customized engineering solutions.

Cummins Parts and Services

Cummins Parts and Services

Cummins is a world-leading manufacturer of engines and power systems. In addition to engine parts and services, we offer a wide range of supporting products and services that make your engine installation easier. We also have a team of engineers available to help you solve any technical issues you may encounter while using our products.

Here are some of the main items we offer in our parts and service department:
Engine Parts
We have a wide selection of Cummins engine parts, including replacement parts, aftermarket parts, OEM parts, and accessories.
Our service department is available 24/7 to help resolve any technical issues you may experience with our engines. Our team of engineers can also provide advice on how to best use our products for your specific application.

Cummins Sales and Service Facts

Cummins is the world’s leading provider of diesel and natural gas engines for trucks, buses, railroads, construction equipment and marine vessels. With more than 1,500 factory-authorized service centers in more than 150 countries, Cummins provides customers with a single point of contact for engine repair and maintenance. In addition to engine sales and service, Cummins offers a full line of parts and accessories, including software and technical support.

Cummins Service Centers

1. Cummins service centers offer a variety of services to keep your engine running smoothly.

2. You can typically find Cummins service centers near major highways and cities.

3. Service personnel at a Cummins service center are trained to handle all types of engines.

4. You can also ask the service center about specific repairs or maintenance needs for your Cummins engine.


Cummins sales and service offer a wealth of knowledge and tools to help you get the most out of your Cummins engines. Whether you’re looking to repair or upgrade your Cummins engine, Cummins has the resources you need to get the job done right. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to help you take advantage of our products and services, so be sure to give us a call today!

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