How to Make Amigos Auto Repair Your Own Little Shop of Horrors

Amigos Auto Repair, located at 927 W. Main St., is one of three locations of the same business and they are known for their friendly, fun atmosphere.

You’ve got a great idea for an auto repair shop in your neighborhood. You love helping people, and you think they’ll love it too. But what happens when they don’t? It’s not easy being the “Shopkeeper of the Year”. You need to get creative and figure out a way to turn your customers into your biggest fans!

1. What does it mean to be an Amigos Auto Repair ?

“Amigos Auto Repair” is a business that offers automotive repair services, but it doesn’t sell products. Instead, it focuses its advertising on the services it provides to customers. The company relies on word-of-mouth recommendations to spread the word about their business. It uses Facebook ads and Google Ads to drive traffic to its website. The company also uses YouTube videos to advertise and to share its business model and the benefits of using the services of an auto repair shop.

2. What do Amigos Auto Repair look for in their customers?

So what do Amigos Auto Repair look for in their customers? The answer lies in the business model. Amigos Auto Repair is a local business that repairs automobiles. The company focuses primarily on American-made cars. They offer repair services and sell parts. Amigos doesn’t run ads or marketing campaigns. Instead, the business relies heavily on word-of-mouth and referrals from their existing customers.

3. How do you become an Amigo?

Here’s the thing about amigos: Once they’re made, they can’t be broken. They stick around because they know, deep down, that you need them—even if you don’t realize you need them yet. As a marketer, one of your jobs is to help people see the value of what you offer. But it’s hard to make a case for a product when all anyone can see is a bunch of features. It takes a real friend to help you overcome this hurdle. That’s why amigos matter.

4. How do you create an Amigo-proof customer relationship?

An amigo is someone you enjoy being around and who can be counted on to help you in a pinch. For example, they will call you if their car broke down. They are loyal, and it’s not because they need you to do anything for them, but because they want to do business with you. An amigo is a long-term customer. They are loyal. And you’d better believe they’ll keep coming back.

5. What does Amigos Auto Repair ownership look like?

After owning Amigos Auto Repair in Pasadena for 25 years, it was time for him to retire. Since his wife wasn’t ready to join him in retirement, he decided to sell the business and move to Florida. But before doing that, he needed to get an idea of what it would take to get it up and running again.


In conclusion, Amigos Auto Repair is an independent business that has seen strong growth over the past five years. Its success is attributed to the fact that its owner is passionate about his work and understands the challenges that independent mechanics face. To give the business more visibility and greater profitability, he decided to take on a major project: to create a website to showcase his repair shop and sell the services of its technicians. He found that the key to creating a successful online presence was to design and build a website that is consistent and appealing to both potential customers and Google.

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