7 Make Up Tips for a Summer Wedding That Brides Must Know

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We’ve all been there before: You’re getting ready for your big day, and then you look in the mirror and realize that you’re not quite “there.” Your hair is just okay, and your makeup doesn’t really pop. What gives? You know what would fix this problem? A few quick beauty tips to get that wedding day glow going on!

Matify your skin

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You want to look your best in the photos, and a little makeup will help you out. But don’t go overboard! Keep it simple and light.
Start with a primer that is good for your skin type (e.g., if you have dry skin, use a hydrating primer). Make sure to apply it evenly all over your face so that the makeup lasts longer. For example, if you have oily skin or live in an humid area where there’s lots of rain, use a setting spray on top of your foundation or concealer. The spray will set everything into place so no matter how hot or humid it gets outside, there won’t be any melting accidents happening during the ceremony!
Use powder on top of everything else for extra coverage; this helps fill in fine lines so they aren’t visible through Instagram filters later on down the line! To prevent shiny spots from showing up under flash photography conditions—and who knows what else?—set them with blotting paper after applying each layer of product (and then again once more before walking outside).

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Keep the eyeliner light

The easiest way to keep it light is to choose a pencil-style eyeliner that’s thin and easy to apply. If you’re worried about smudging, try an eyeliner brush instead of a pencil. You can also use liquid or gel (but not kajal) as long as you go with a lighter shade, like brown or gray.
If your eyes are small, avoid using black liner; instead opt for gray or dark gray—the former looks really beautiful on darker skin tones because it complements them so well!

Choose the right foundation

The foundation you choose will be the last step in your makeup routine. Choose a foundation that is light and natural-looking, and doesn’t make you look like you have makeup on. If you have trouble choosing the right color for your skin tone, ask your friend or a salesperson at Sephora.
The best types of foundations are oil-free because they don’t clog pores, which can cause acne flare ups or blemishes during summertime heat waves. The wrong shade of foundation can also cause blemishes since it will be too dark or too light for your skin tone.

Beat the heat with blush!

Blush is the perfect way to add a bit of color and dimension to your face without overwhelming it. For weddings in the summer during which you’re likely to be outside, you’ll want to choose a blush that can withstand heat and humidity. Powder blushes tend to last longer than cream ones, so if you’re planning on a long day of dancing and mingling (and probably sweating), opt for the powder.
If you prefer a more natural look, then cream blushes are definitely the way to go. When applied with fingertips or a brush, they give off a dewy glow without being too heavy or obvious—perfect for brides who prefer subtle makeup looks! Alternatively, if you want something that lasts all day but still looks fresh-faced and youthful like highlighter does for cheeks during winter months then choose one shade lighter than your natural skin tone but darker than usual because it will reflect light better under bright sunshine conditions

Use waterproof mascara for long-lasting eyes

If you’re going to be crying and sweating, it’s important to use waterproof mascara. This is the most long-lasting makeup product because it stays on much better than regular mascara. There are several factors that determine how long a mascara will last, but one of the most important things is the quality of your eye shadow. A high-quality waterproof eye shadow will keep your look looking great from start to finish, even if you cry or sweat buckets!
It can be hard for brides to find good waterproof mascaras in stores because many brands have abandoned their products in favor of more modern formulas like “moisturizing” and “smell good” with no regard for longevity or durability at all
Play up that pout with a bold lip color!
To achieve a beautiful pout, first you need to outline the lips with a lip liner that is one shade darker than your natural lip color. Once you are done with the outline, then fill in your entire lipswith a matching lipstick.

Use a lip balm or chapstick before applying any other makeup products on the lips as it will moisturize them and make them look fuller, plumper and healthier!
For added shine on top of your bold lipstick, apply some gloss over it to give it an extra boost of shine!
To add some color variation to just one part of your face such as cheeks or cupids bow, use blush instead of highlighting powder/concealer which tends to look heavy especially in summer weather conditions when there is heat outside; so instead use light blush colors like coral pink or soft peachy tones so they don’t overpower each other!
Consider these tips when doing your make up for a summer wedding.
Summer weddings are a great time to try new looks and experiment with your makeup. While you may think that wearing less make up is the way to go, there are actually lots of ways you can still look great without cluttering your face with too much product.
Here are 7 make up tips for a summer wedding:
Consider these tips when doing your make up for a summer wedding.


We hope these seven tips have helped you prepare for your big day. Remember to keep things simple, and have fun with it!

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