Apartments in Turkey for Sale

The real estate issue in Anatolia varies regionally. Compared to the eastern regions, the prices are higher in big cities with metropolitan characteristics. In addition, the prices of flats in each municipality differ in regional terms. Customers are looking for a house in the best place at the most affordable price. To meet this demand, the company adds the most affordable and well-kept home options to its list. Apartments in Turkey for sale are also at the forefront when foreigners purchase real estate for citizenship. Citizenship is given to foreigners who make a real estate investment of 250 thousand USD.

Prices of Flats for Sale in Turkey

The ‘commission’ method is preferred in real estate purchase and sale transactions in Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, and other cities. The company, which carries out real estate purchase and sale transactions by taking a commission from the buyer and seller, provides convenience for new and second-hand houses. The purchase process is becoming more complex daily with the increase in house prices. Apartments in Turkey for sale are evaluated according to their location, maintenance, and floor.

The customer’s demands are made into a list in the first stage of the purchasing process. From which district or region you are looking for a house, the company’s personnel are concentrated in that region. The number of rooms in the house, the kitchen structure, whether there is a mezzanine, fuel type, and maintenance features are added to the list. Many options are being examined, including villas, detached houses, garden houses, vineyards, estates, apartments, and residences. After the examination, the team presents the options suitable for your request. Among these options, the suitable ones are looked at, and then bargaining is made.

The company brings the buyer and the person who will sell the flat together and agrees. Once the price is agreed upon, he/she gets a commission. The agreement is prepared as a contract, and the deed application process is made. A deposit is taken when the purchase is left for the future. The general directorate of the deed determines the date and time of the deed transactions. Regarding apartments in Turkey for sale, the title deed transfer date is sent to the seller via SMS, and the deed transfer process takes place. All detailed information can be found on

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