What We Know About the War Between Russia and Ukraine on Day 117 of the Invasion

European Union

After Ukraine was suggest as a candidate for membership in the European Union by the European Union Commission, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy of Ukraine state that he anticipated Russia would step up its attacks against Ukraine and potentially other European nations. In his nightly video message, he stated, “It should come as no surprise that this week we should anticipate an acceleration of Russia’s aggressive efforts.” And not just against the European nation of Ukraine, but also against other nations in Europe.

The Ukrainian arm forces are still on the defensive in the Sievierodonestsk region of eastern Donbass, where fighting continues. After many weeks of combat, the governor of the Luhansk area, Sheri Haida, state that Russia was amassing forces in an effort to gain full control of the city. However, he maintain that “all Russian statements that they control the town are lies.” According to Ukrainian television, he state that the occupying forces “control the main portion of the town but not all of it.”

Joseph Borrell

Joseph Borrell, the head of EU foreign policy, has state that Russia’s embargo on the shipment of millions of tones of food from Ukraine is a war crime. We are appealing to Russia to lift the embargo on the ports… He made these remarks to the media as he arrive in Luxembourg for a meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union. “It is unbelievable. One cannot fathom that millions of tones of wheat stay stuck in Ukraine while in the rest of the globe people are suffering from hunger,” he said.


Germany has state that it will assist Poland and Romania in modernizing their rail systems in order to facilitate the shipment of millions of tones of grain that have been strande in Ukraine as a result of a maritime blockade impose by Russia. At today’s meeting, the foreign ministers of the European Union will debate measures to liberate the millions of tones of grain that are now block in Ukraine.

Dmitry Medvedev

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy chairman of Russia’s security council and a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, recently made a post on Telegram in which he caution against engaging in nuclear negotiations with the United States and state that the relationship between the two nations is currently at “zero Kelvin.”

 Intelligence report

According to the most recent intelligence report that was compile by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense, “In the fight to date, Russia’s air force has underperform.” Its inability to reliably supply the air force is most certainly one of the most critical causes behind Russia’s relatively limit campaign success. ”

As a result of sanctions impose in response to the conflict in Ukraine, Russia has become China’s primary source of oil. As a result of China’s refiners taking advantage of discount supplies in the wake of sanctions impose on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine, the country’s crude oil imports from Russia reach a record high in May, up 55 percent from the same month a year earlier and surpassing Saudi Arabia as the country’s leading supplier.

Nato and other western officials

According to Nato and other western officials, the conflict in Ukraine might endure for years and will require backing from the military for an extend period of time. In an interview that was publish on Sunday in the German tabloid Bild, NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, was quote as saying, “We must prepare for the likelihood that it might take years.” Boris Johnson, the current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, state further, “I fear that we need to brace ourselves for a lengthy fight.”

Ukrainian parliament

On Sunday, the Ukrainian parliament approve two pieces of legislation that, if in effect, will impose stringent limitations on Russian literary works and musical compositions. In an effort to further sever the cultural ties that bind the two nations, new legislation is being propose that will, among other things, make it illegal for Russian citizens to publish books, prohibit the commercial importation of books print in Russia, and make it illegal for Russian citizens born after 1991 to have their music play in the media or on public transportation.

According to a source within the German government, the country is “very confident” that NATO will successfully reach an agreement with Sweden and Finland over their bids for membership, despite the fact that it may not be possible for the agreement to be reach in time for the summit in Madrid at the end of June.

As part of the assistance package worth $285 million that Australia is providing to Ukraine, the country has receive the first four of a total of 14 armor personnel carriers. The people carriers and 20 more Bushmaster protect infantry vehicles were promise by the former minister of defense, Peter Dutton, to be deliver to the Ukrainian military in May. Last week, the M113AS4s were load onto an aero plane and flown to Ukraine.

Germany annoucement

Germany has announce that it will reduce its reliance on coal-fire power plants and reduce its usage of natural gas for the production of electricity in response to growing worries about the possibility of shortages brought on by a reduction in supply from Russia. “That’s harsh, but in this scenario it’s virtually necessary to cut gas usage,” Robert Habeck, minister for economic affairs, said in a statement on Sunday. Holbeck’s comments came in response to a question on the reduction of gas consumption.

Russian journalist

Later today, Russian journalist Dmitry Murton will hold an auction for the medal he receive for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He has pledge that the proceeds will go directly to UNICEF to assist the organization in its efforts to aid children who have been displaced as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

A “huge majority” of the more than 2,000 bombs that were deploy by Russian forces in Ukraine, according to the findings of The New York Times, were not direct. According to the article in the newspaper, more than 210 of the weapons found were of a sort that has been extensively prohibit by a number of different international treaties.

Because of electricity constraints brought on by a reduce supply of gas from Russia, the government of Austria has declare that it will restart a coal power station that had been shut down. The chancellery said on Sunday that the relevant authorities will collaborate with the Verb group, the primary energy supplier in the country, in order to bring the station in the city of Malloch in the country’s south back online.

Moroccan’s Appeal

A young Moroccan national is appealing a death sentence hand down by a pro-Russian court in Ukraine, and the national human rights council of Morocco has urg the Russian authorities to guarantee that the young man would get a “fair hearing.” Amina Bouayach, the president of the National Council for Human Rights, has contact the high commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation. She has urg the Russian body to take “the necessary steps to ensure that Brahimi Sadoon receives a fair trial while he is appealing his conviction.”

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