Unique features at blue world city Water Front Block


In Blue World City Water Front Block is a brand-new attractive addition. The Blue World Group of Companies has employed renowned international developers to increase the bar for a high-quality living. As a result, the Waterfront Block of this residential development is equipped with all the contemporary conveniences for a prosperous, comfortable life in a setting of breathtaking beauty. This idea stands out from others due to this block promise of high-tech machinery & amenities found in all homes worldwide. In addition, the builders of Blue World City have included a few more things to boost the charm of this block. In this blog, we’ll discuss the unique features of Blue World City Water Front Block that increase the beauty of this area.

Features at blue world city Water Front Block

The blue world society added this block to make culture more attractive to investors. This concept stands out among the others due to its advanced technology that shows promise & its widely recognized housing elements. Moreover, in this block of Blue World City Islamabad, water, gas, & electricity are all provided for the residents’ requirements. Moreover, if we talk about the features available at blue world city Water Front block, below are some features that make this block attractive for investors.

Natural Lakes & Waterfalls

The natural lakes and the waterfall are defining characteristics of this residential complex. Further, the developers of this housing complex are prepared to captivate their investors with a glimpse of the waterfall. Therefore, the waterfall and natural lakes are attractive housing development features. Furthermore, the waterfalls will be secured & made safe for visitors. The monitoring squad & hiring rescue personnel will be there to make them safe for visitors.

Water Sports

The Blue World City Water Front Block saw the opening of the water sports club, a sports facility with an international theme. You can participate in water-based activities & sports as a future Waterfront Blocks resident. Moreover, the security of the sports facility with a global piece would be ensured by hiring an experienced group of experts.

Floating Restaurant

One of the unique features of the residential community is the floating restaurant. Moreover, the Blue World City Water Front Block floating restaurant has various features, including an abundant structure, international cuisine, and a beautiful outlook. The investors’ families are welcome to dine at these restaurants.

Dancing Fountains

There will also be a big dancing fountain in this area. The dancing fountain is to keep viewers entertained. So, you may relish the splendour of the flowing water. In addition, the project to build the dancing fountain will shortly be completed. The extraordinary team of experts works 24 hours daily to provide the rush with a more aesthetic vibe.

The Walk

A walking path will be available to showcase the housing society’s charm. In addition, the location will be close to the water sports club. The path will take you to the business district, where you may walk & take in the stunning views of the lake.

Outdoor Cinema

In the waterfront block of the residential society, there will be an outdoor cinema for the residents. In this area, you may watch your favourite movies while taking in the scenery of the water. Moreover, this movie theatre will meet worldwide standards. Therefore, you are in for a tremendous package of enjoyment.

Waterside Food Court

The Blue World City Water Front Block introduces new trends like waterside food streets for residents. There will be a waterfront food court of world standards. In addition, the meals will consist of well-known local & worldwide brands in addition to the excellent view.

Additionally, every member of the Blue World society has access to all the amenities other communities offer. Further, this block of the Blue World City Payment Plan is easily affordable by investors. Other features & services that will be provided at this block include:

  • Grand Mosque
  • Night Safari
  • Zoo
  • Mini Golf
  • Commercial Zone
  • Security Systems
  • Best Infrastructure
  • Water Theme Park
  • Full-service hospital
  • The tourist attraction spots
  • Modern lifestyle society
  • Forces school flagship campus
  • Medical & emergency services
  • Independent power generation sources
  • Best sewerage & waste management system


Blue World City Waterfront Block will provide peace for those looking for elegance, leisure, & beauty all in one place. The location, flexible payment options, and the features we thoroughly covered above contribute to the area’s greatness. In addition, it is renowned for its prime location & lovely surroundings. The citizens of Blue World Society also find enjoyment in this block. Moreover, for an exciting water sports environment, it is an excellent source of entertainment with improved features. The block is a fantastic spot to reside with our loved ones. Lastly, the central aspect of this block is that, because of its distinctive qualities & fascinating view, it offers a high-yield investment return.

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