The Role of Online Skills Testing in Making Informed Hiring Choices

Before getting hired into a company, one should need to pass the tests. While most companies focus solely on skill testing, some also use a different one called psychometric assessment. Psychometric tests are as important as ability tests as they can measure how well someone can work in the company.

In this article, we will take you to get a better understanding of psychometric assessment, which is also available as an online skills test, as well as its advantages.

What Is Psychometric Assessment?

As we’ve told you above, the candidates have to do the skills testing before getting accepted to work. Aside from the tests to measure someone’s ability, there’s also a psychometric assessment that will test both their emotional and intellectual intelligence.

The data obtained from the online skills testing can be later used for decision-making by the HR department. After the process is completely finished, the assessment may present the result of the candidate’s ability to work for the specific roles, personality, and how well they can adapt to the surrounding working environment.

While the skills testing might sound a bit intimidating, psychometric assessment is usually easy to do. There’s a standardized way to do the test which provides convenience both for the candidates who are having the test and the company who will receive the results.

The Different Types of Psychometric Assessment

There are also different types of psychometric assessment depending on what result the company wants to achieve. Sometimes the companies may use one of them or both at the same time.

Personality assessment

Just as the name tells you, this online skills testing is mostly about testing the personality of the candidates. This personal assessment will measure some things, including interpersonal style, time management, and how to handle different tasks.

As this test is about the candidates as a person, there’s no right or wrong answer.

Ability assessment

This one is what most people would consider to be skills testing, as there’s no significant difference between skills and psychometric testing. A bit different from the above version, this assessment focuses on testing the candidates’ ability for the specific role they want to apply.

As this requires problem-solving answers, there are both wrong and right answers.

Does It Really Work?

Most companies would like to stick with the skills testing alone without considering using the psychometric assessment. Seeing how effective it can be as claimed by many companies, does it really work?

Yes, it definitely is. The psychometric tests may help employers find more effective individuals who are most fitting to the open job opportunities. The assessment may also cover a lot more factors compared to the average interview, such as the strengths, weaknesses, and the chance for progression.

Recent studies also supported the idea that psychometric tests are working as they can save both money and time for recruitment.

Psychometric testing is specifically designed to make an objective assessment to help employers find the best candidates who can work with them professionally. It provides better insight as it may measure the values, levels of intelligence, and also behavior of each candidate.

Why Companies Need Psychometric Testing

Psychometric assessment is not as intimidating as it sounds. The employers can collaborate with a testing partner and do the psychometric testing more effectively. Of course, it wouldn’t be like the average interviews where you need to do the task directly.

Instead, the tests are mostly available as online skills testing now, which candidates may access easily right from their devices. All they need to do is to access the test link given by the employer and give their most honest answers.

After the testing process is done, the result will be sent directly to the employer which is later used for decision-making about the recruitment. By having online psychometric testing, the company would never have to spend more to spread the tests to all candidates. As a result, they can save more time and money for the recruitment process alone.

Seeing how effective this skills testing can be, it’s pretty clear that companies should start using it as a standard for testing their candidates. With less effort, they can always have the chance to hire more professional and skillful individuals for the available positions.


While it’s not as common as skills testing, psychometric testing does really show importance in the industry. It’s a great tool to asses some things about the candidates, from the surface level up to the personal ones.

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