Technology: In the Technological World


Technology is basically the knowledge that is use practically especially in the industry. It is the presentation of scientific information for practical purposes. Technology has transform our world and daily life activities. It has produce new types of tools and resources, putting beneficial information at our fingertips.  Technology has made the lives of people relax, improve, and faster. It also introduces fun to our lives.

Japan, China, Korea United States, and Germany are the countries with the maximum technology proficiency across the globe. Technology can be a very influential instrument for transforming the phenomenon of learning. It can develop strong and advance associations between teachers and students by polishing their methodologies to learning and cooperation, shrink long distances and accessibility gaps and adapt learning proficiencies to meet the needs of all learners.

In our society, Schools, Colleges, and universities should be the birthplace of observation of new things, ideas, and new discoveries. Technology also polish the skills of the learners because it is a very advance time of technology. Educators and their leaders should develop such a vision that provides the right tools and support for all the newly growing learners in this field.

Technology and education

The term educational technology means the use of computers and computer skills in educational institutes. Positive use of technology makes the student more accurate in their findings and students can help each other at a distant place with the help of technology. The use of digital learning tools by the teacher in the classroom during lecture make the learners more efficient. The teachers can improve their skills by using technological tools and they can also arrange their study plans with a digital system. It also helps the students to learn new skills that can help them to earn as well. Technology helps the students by providing easy excess to knowledge and they can also do practice along with it.

Technology provides a window to the world and also provides bunches of knowledge. The students can get access to this knowledge and also can use this information practically. In very early ages, students can learn the basics of computer usage that can help them to move further in this field. This field of computer is very interesting and beneficial for students. The educational technology aids in Finance, Research, sciences, and also in the distance learning mechanism of the education system. Hence technology helps in every field of education.

Technology and Communication

Likewise education, technology also improves the communication procedures in the world. Technology makes communication much easier, faster, and efficient. Mobile technology is basically the two ways communication mechanism adopt by the people. Mobile technology is developing a lot of other features to facilitate its customers. Smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches are common examples of mobile technology. This is the very advance feature of technology that is being use by the whole world so, its importance cannot be deny.

People spend a large chunk of their day on mobile devices for entertainment, getting beneficial information, and also for learning something new.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the subject that was introduce in the 1950s. This discipline is getting momentum day by day. Artificial intelligence is the ability of a computer that create robots and it is concern with building smart machines. Artificial intelligence comprise of machines base on computer systems.


Robots are also produce by using technology. Robotics is the connection between science, engineering, and technology. These three disciplines collectively produce machines, call robots. These robots are basically replicate human activities. These robots are computer-controll that perform tasks as the computer operates them. These are call computer-controll robots. Robots can perform any sort of task which is relate to intelligence. For example, robots have the ability to reason, solve problems, intellectual procedures, and can discover meanings. Currently, numbers of different robots are working in the field which are

  • Military robots
  • Agro robots
  • Industrial robots
  • Collaborative robots
  • Construction robots
  • Medical robots

Robots can perform tasks the same a humans but robots cannot take care of and cannot generate love and affection like a man.


A cryptocurrency is a digital currency system save by the cryptography technique. It has a network of computers working as a chain on the basis of blockchain technology. It is basically the method or form of payment that can be exchange online for things and facilities. People provide their services online through different platforms. People invest their money in these cryptocurrency platforms to get a massive advantage. Different cryptocurrency technologies are

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin cash
  • Lite coin
  • Ethereum
  • Binance coin
  • Tron

Bio-relate technology

Bio-relate technology is the major term that covers many other techniques relate to the characteristics of living organisms. This technology is use to make different products by using living organisms. This technology is progressing rapidly by producing commercial products from the parts of living organisms.


Biotechnology also originate from bio-relate technology. It is a technology that is using biological systems to synthesis a variety of products. Genetic engineering is the technique produce as a result of biotechnology. This technique makes scientists enable to treat the DNA of an organism. Biotechnology is a very important field because it is use in the health and medicine department. With this technology, scientists are enable to create new medicines, the modification of genetic material. Gene cloning is made possible with the help of biotechnology. With the help of gene cloning, scientists are capable to assemble the DNA molecules and initiating DNA replication in the host organisms.

Internet Technology

Internet is the global computer technology that is being use across the globe. It is the network of computers that provides all kind of information and also develop the communication abilities. Because internet technology is base on computer linkages that are connect with each other. The internet contains information relate to all fields of life. Billions of people in the world are using the internet for entertainment, education, and business. Besides this, the internet is full of a variety of information relate to all disciplines.

With the help of the internet, people are improving the quality of their lives. Internet is also the source of earnings for unemploye people. Because all of us prefer to work in a comfortable and tension-free environment. People don’t want to attend office duties from 9 to 5. By using the internet people are interconnect and doing work for each other and enhancing their skills of online earnings. The internet has many applications and services that are being use by people. Most importantly the World Wide Web, mobile apps, email, online games, file sharing, and audio and video meetings.


Technology made our lives very easy and faster. It gives excess to all sorts of information and also saves our time. Technology lessen the distance across the globe because of communication. It introduce better and adaptable learning techniques that produce very skillful persons. Technology also improve our banking system with new advancements. It is available to every person at a very suitable cost means technology is very cost-effective.

With all the above benefits, technology also ruin our lives. It creates mood problems as every person is facing mood swings without any major problems. This is consider a behavioral problem produce by the excessive use of technology. As we know that human being is a social animal, technology grab the physical interactions of people. This introduce many psychological disorders. It also introduce sleeping disorders, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, violence, and much more.

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