Podcast Website Examples to Inspire You When Building Your Own

Best podcast websites have some features that make them stand apart

Podcasts have been around for a long time, but it is only now that people are starting to understand their value. Many people have a lot to say, and their words can be liberating for themselves as well as for the listeners. You never know when their words might resonate with another or help them in need. If you are a person with dreams to create such podcasts and are looking to create your own podcast website and need a little inspiration, we are here to do just that.

There are a variety of podcast websites, but the best podcast websites have some features that make them stand apart. Surprisingly these features are standard in the best of podcast websites. All of them provide their users with great content and aesthetically appealing designs, an intuitive user experience, and are user-friendly. There also are a few other prominent and important features that are a must for a good podcast website. These include a podcast audio player, separated playlists for episodes, social media accounts, subscribe buttons for the podcast platform, and much more.

The options available for creating podcast websites are plenty, but it is recommended that you use a dedicated podcast website builder instead of the generic site builder. This would be very helpful for you as it would already include a lot of the features you need. There are more than 2,000,000 podcasts being published around the world and plenty of great podcast websites for you to get your inspiration from. Here are examples of some good podcast websites, their designs, and the features offered.

Talking Sopranos Podcast

One of the most famous podcast websites, it opens with an image of both the hosts Christopher and Bobby. This image makes an impression on the visitor and gives them an idea of what to expect from the website. The color scheme of the website and podcast artwork remains constant throughout in the colors of red, black, and white. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the website is also easy to use. One can find all episodes listed on the main page itself and hyperlinks to their social media handles. And adding to the remarkable website is the embedded podcast audio player of their podcast host, Simplecast.

Myths, Folklore, and Fairytales Podcast

With a unique design, the podcast uses marvelous artwork for each episode. The website and podcast color scheme are constant and add to its beauty. As you open this website, you will find their most recent episode displayed right at the top banner, and otherwise, it is easy to navigate episodes and other sections through the website.

GrowthMarketer Podcast

The website has an elegant, clean, and intuitive design to it. Right on the homepage, you can find the episodes listed and can listen without additional navigation. The website offers extra controls for the audio player to make listening convenient for its consumers. The page does not have any extra elements giving it a minimalistic look.

The smartest sales show

With a popping yellow color for their homepage and a good design scheme, the website is an eye-catching one. The website shows all the episodes right at the homepage, and you have the option to listen from there directly. The homepage also offers information about the podcast and the hosts providing a preview, background, and credibility to its consumers. Cutting straight to the chase, soon as you enter the website, you can find their subscription links listed.

The Serial Podcast

The main design and color scheme for the website match the aesthetics of the podcast, hinting at what one should expect from it. Each episode has a different background image relating to the specific episode. You can listen to these episodes straight from the homepage, and when you click on the play option, a sticky audio feature appears, making it easier to navigate across pages without pausing your ongoing episode. The subscription, download options, and hyperlinks to social media pages are also available on the website.

Affordability Podcast

The website for the Affordability podcast had a beautiful design and is available with a dark-mode theme. The website displays multiple-episode right at the homepage for easy accessibility and comes with time-stamps for each episode, making the consumer experience easier—the feature that stands out is the option to share directly from the audio player.

This week in Startups Podcast.

The podcast offers interesting and enlightening stories from the world of Startups, and the  homepage tells you exactly that “The most interesting, outrageous, and illuminating stories from the world of entrepreneurship.” This one-liner catches the eye of the visitor and makes its mark.

As you scroll through the page, you will realize its amazing consumer experience. The latest content and episodes are sorted according to different topics and are easy to access.

Today in Digital Podcast

The website offers a clean design with episodes listed on the homepage. Here instead of playlists, the episodes are organized in blocks making it simplistic yet attention-grabbing. The page is also known for its great speed score and SEO optimization helping the consumers get a better experience. To make it even more interesting, the page has a lot of additional content, including transcripts and links, and uses the top header and footer to include additional information related to the podcast.

It’s a Monkey Podcast

This innovative podcast gives you information about the latest tech news, hosts interviews with various leaders, giving you helpful insights if the industry. The website opens with a descriptive header image, informing its visitors what the podcast is about. A feature that catches your eye is the news strip slide, mentioning the impressive guests that have been a part of this podcast. The website also keeps in mind its viewers’ opinions and thus has an innovative “Tweets from our listeners” section at the bottom. The website design is user-friendly and has been optimized to be operated via cell phones and tablets as well.

So, finally after analysing all these podcasts, what are your thoughts? Are you excited to have your own podcast website and earn huge revenues? Do let us know. For more information related to website development, contact Helpbot WordPress support Services. We offer 24*7 maintenance and support for smooth functioning and development of your website.

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