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Lumoskala introduction

The new electric car firm Lumsokala intends to revolutionize the automotive industry and how people think about and utilize cars. The business has design a one-of-a-kind and fashionable electric automobile that is ideal for city dwellers and commuters.

They back up their products with excellent service and a solid guarantee. Electric vehicle development and production is handle by Lumsokala. The manufacturer has been around for more than two years and has already develop four different electric vehicle types.

 Lumsokala Company:

It was establish in 2005 by a group of well-educate entrepreneurs who have experience in the automotive industry. This firm has a mission of providing customers with an easy-to-use electric vehicle. Their aim is to create innovative products which people will love. They offer their customers an attractive and reliable vehicle that is capable of driving distances of up to 80 km.

The Lumsokala firm is making significant headway in the market very fast. Two brothers establish a business that is commit to assisting the environment and developing items that are environmentally friendly. They provide a diverse selection of electric automobiles, making it possible for everybody to locate the motor vehicle that best suits their needs.

Electric car made by lumsokala:

This is a relatively new company that has its headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. It start as a small family-run business. The founders want to provide a solution to the growing energy consumption in the automotive industry.

The company produces a range of electric vehicles that is suitable for city living and for commuting to and from work. These vehicles have the power to travel a long distance but still be able to travel at a fast pace. Automobiles are environmentally friendly and efficient. Lumsokala electric cars or vehicles are a major step in the direction of a cleaner and greener environment.

Some specific features of lumsokala mini-bobo electric car

There are a couple of distinctive attributes of lumsokala mini-bobo electric car. It is a four-wheel vehicle with a two-seat interior. The manufacturer provides this electric car with a range of 40 miles. It is quite compact as well as light in weight. This can be use for both private and commercial purposes.

It has a two-motor setup. These motors allow the mini-bobo to attain a top speed of 45 miles per hour. The battery power capacity is 10-kilowatt hours. This is equivalent to 12.96 gallons of gas. It can run continuously for about 45 minutes. This electric car is made up of polypropylene and aluminum. It has a carbon fiber roof.

The mission of lumsokala company electric car:

Tiny electric vehicles are being develop by the Lumsokala company electric car. The company’s mission is to help those who are concern about climate change choose a more sustainable mode of transportation.

Electric vehicles from Lumsokala are power by lithium-ion battery cells that are compact enough to be install in an automobile of a typical size. The length and width of the company’s initial product, the Lumos, are only four and two feet, respectively. The range of its 100-mile battery life is match by its 60-mph top speed.

Closing point:

The company has been able to develop and produce vehicles for the last two years and has sold more than 250 cars since its foundation. The firm has had very good success so far and is already looking forward to future developments.

Q-1: What kind of vehicles lumsokala made?

Ans: Lumsokala made tiny electrical vehicles.

Q-2: what is the speed of a mini-bobo car?

Ans: Mini-bobo speed is 40miles per hour.

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