Looking to Get an Electric Massage Chair? – Here are the top things to note

You deserve the good things of life too, and you are not doing something bad if you decide to get the best electric massage chair for your needs. It is needed; it is important. You go out every day chasing the bag and stressing yourself in the process. It is only right that you come back to sit in the most comfortable chairs and enjoy a total body massage.

Take a cursory look through this guest post, and find out the top things to note if you want to get an electric massage chair. If you want to get one, it is only right you know a little about them to make the best buying decision. There are many different options with different capabilities, and it is easy to become confused. You need to get value for your money, so follow as we do a brief highlight of the factors to note before buying an electric massage chair.

  • Money, Money, Money!

One of the first things to note before settling down to buy an electric massage chair is its cost. Money is very important, and you must have a sizeable amount before deciding which would suit your needs. They can be termed cheap, but this is relative. They range between $700 to $10k, so you have to be very aware of your wallet and the brands you can afford.

You need to have a budget; there is no right or wrong spending. It is about how much you are comfortable spending. You do not have to set yourself a budget, then budge from it. It would be best if you also were sure of how you want to pay. If you pay for the chair over time, you will pay the whole amount once.

  • User Flexibility

This is one feature many people overlook when buying a massage chair; and which is equally important. If more attention were paid, most would pay less and save time in the process. The user flexibility is all about how the massage chair can accommodate folks with different weights and heights. No two chairs would be the same, and this is very fine.

But if you are buying your massage chair online, you have to consider this seriously. If you are walking into a store, you do not need that as you would have sat in the chair; that is, try it out yourself. Note that the user flexibility also differs from time to time; remember to check the weight and height limits of the chair before buying.

  • Are you going for 2D, 3D, OR 4D Rollers?

The ‘D’ here means dimensions. And it represents the roller system of massage chairs; the above are the three types of technologies you can choose from. The 2D is the oldest form of technology, and it entails the rollers would only move in two dimensions; up and down and along the length of the back. Then sometimes, side to side, across the width of the back.

The 3D rollers take massaging up a notch. In addition to the up and down movements of the rollers, it also protrudes, coupled with the performance of deep tissue massage. The 4D are the most advanced roller systems, but the major difference here is that the roller speed control is automatic. What to note is that you should only settle for the system that fully suits your needs.

  • Location

For the best electric massage chairs, you should consider the location. Do you have enough space for this chair when you buy it? They are not just random pieces of furniture; they are bulky and huge, requiring lots of space. Although manufacturers are improving on aesthetics and space-saving features in recent times, you still do not want to disrupt the setup of your home décor.

You need to consider the amount of space you are ready to sacrifice before deciding on the chair to buy; some massage chairs also come with wheels, so you can easily move them around, more like a spacious area when you want to use them.

  • Durability and the Ease of Repair

This is another important factor to consider. You do not want to splash your hard-earned money on something that would constantly break down or be difficult to repair. A typical massage chair consists of different moving parts, and many things can go wrong. So, you have to be sure you are getting a durable one.

For ease of repair, buy one with modular designs that can be repaired easily. A chair would need you to remove the faulty part and send for repair instead of taking apart the entire setup. Other factors include the warranty and customer care, which are parts of a strong company policy; another is the amount of electricity a particular brand uses. In all, be particular about reviews, so you know the thoughts of past users before buying.

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