Israel Advanced Development Authority (IAADC) has announced israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch

Israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch is an ambitious investment program design to create and nurture the next generation of Israeli tech companies. This is a long-term investment, which we expect to pay off dividends in the form of additional projects, increase customer base and more strategic alliances in the future.


We are currently working on the development of a new technology, and expect to raise funds of approximately $25m by the end of the year. The Israeli government is offering a tax deduction of 10%, provide the company’s equity and debt does not exceed the limit of 20% of the company’s total value.

The company’s initial seed capital would be raise from local angel investors, the company’s current partners and their professional network. Investors will be offer a percentage of the company depending on their investment amount. Israel Advance Development Authority (IAADC) has announce israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch

The company’s co-founder and CEO is a former IBMer and a well-known Israeli entrepreneur. He is an MIT graduate with a PhD in Computer Science. He has found and led several successful startups in the past.

1. What is the Israel Advance Development Authority (IAADC)?

The Israel Advance Development Authority (IAADC) was establish in 1992 as a unique entity under the authority of the Ministry of Defense. It is task with supporting Israel’s economic, technological, and innovation policies and with developing special projects that contribute to Israel’s long term security, prosperity and quality of life. The IAADC’s mission is to provide the means for the advancement of Israel’s economy through the development of new technologies. The promotion of innovation, and the creation of new companies and jobs.

2. Why should we care about israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch?

Israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch B funding round will increase the company’s valuation to approximately $800 million. With this new funding round, the company plans to continue investing in its cutting edge mobile platform technology and expand into the US, Europe, and Asia markets. B1LundeTech is a technology firm focus on developing mobile web applications that empower consumers with a new level of digital control over their everyday activities.

Israeli entrepreneur Ophir Lakind cofound Israeli mobile payment company Checkr in 2011. He’s a self-describe “serial entrepreneur” who’s been feature in Business Insider, Forbes, and the New York Times, among others. And he’s one of the leading thought leaders in mobile payments, according to Fortune. He was also select as one of 10 Startups to Watch by Inc. Magazine.

3. What does it have to do with israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch?

Israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch B Funding: LundeTech Ventures to invest $8M in Israeli startup to help them grow globally. We caught up with CEO of LundeTech Ventures, Shai B1LUNDEN, to talk about the investment.

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4. What is the LundentechCrunch?

LundentechCrunch is a new and innovative technology for our customers, it is base on the latest technology of the future. The concept of LundentechCrunch is that our customers are given a real, personal and individual view of their future. By having a personal view of their future, they become aware of their own potential to become a success. Israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch is a technology that helps people to find the best solution for themselves. A new technology that is use worldwide and is already being implement by many companies. LundentechCrunch is a new way to develop people’s abilities to choose a good lifestyle.


Israel Advance Development Authority (IAADC) has announce the selection of a new generation of israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch. In the field of artificial intelligence for the development of a revolutionary combat system for the Israeli Air Force. The new technology will provide a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence and in the use of military unman aerial vehicles. The Israeli Ministry of Defense has made the decision to select Israel Aerospace Industries’ “israeli 25m series b1lundentechcrunch” to develop and produce the necessary software platform. This system is a combination of two separate systems: a drone control system and a ground unit control system. The system is design to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Israeli aircraft operations in both static and mobile environments. The Israeli ministry of defense will select the winning bidder after it has evaluate the submit bids.

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