Can someone with the bipolar disorder hear voices?

Yes, people with medical conditions can hear or see things not present in the real world. However, most people do not realize that bipolar disorder can cause psychotic symptoms. From hallucinations to auditory delusions, patients deal with many issues.

Individuals need to get bipolar disorder treatment from a reputed hospital. This article will elucidate “hearing voices” and how people can get support from professionals.

Hearing voices – Overview

People hear things others cannot hear or when no one is near them. Individuals hear different experiences when it comes to hearing voices. A person may find the voices infuriating, whereas some consider the voices fearful. You should not conclude that you are experiencing mental health problems as researchers have found that the symptom has occurred in people who are not mentally unwell.

There are different kinds of voices, and people hear them in various ways. You may hear someone calling your name or notice a voice coming from your head. At times, the voices may come from outside also, and it feels just like other noises you listen to through the ears. The voices may be friendly but nudge individuals to do wrong; sometimes, the voices can threaten or manipulate a person.

Various reasons for hearing voices

Besides bipolar disorder, individuals may notice the voice in several instances. The voices may disturb you when you fall asleep, as your brain will be dreaming. The voices may not be apparent in such a state, and there are chances of seeing weird things which will cease when you are awake. If you are not getting enough sleep, it might not be easy to hear voices.  

Other reasons include hunger, physical illness, drugs, stress, abuse, spiritual experience, traumatic experience, mental health problems, and bereavement may lead to this mental health problem.

People with bipolar disorder encounter depression, mania, mood episodes and hallucinations. Not all patients face these psychotic symptoms, but many mental health professionals consider that the symptoms may be present in the patient.

Auditory hallucinations

Auditory hallucination is the most common type encountered in bipolar disorder. The medical condition is usually linked to existing mood episodes if it is not treated.   A study conducted a few years ago elucidated that the brain’s structural modifications may be associated with auditory hallucinations in bipolar disorder patients.

Bipolar disorder treatments for auditory hallucinations

Antipsychotic medications are usually prescribed to the patients as they help to handle the symptoms of psychosis. However, several factors like psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, stress management and self-education should be considered. Coordinated specialty care has a team of healthcare specialists endeavouring to curate plans that meet the patient’s specific needs.

Early diagnosis is essential

Hallucinations can occur for several reasons, and it will take time to understand whether the medical condition is a symptom of bipolar disorder.

When you consult a therapist or other medical professionals, explaining the symptoms you noticed before, auditory hallucinations are better. It will help them to diagnose the medical condition quickly. Therapists will suggest patients treat the underlying health conditions before evaluating the main reason behind hallucination.

Wrapping up

Bipolar disorder is one medical condition that causes various problems. You might have encountered hallucinations for multiple reasons like lack of sleep, hunger or stress. If you hear voices or sense any symptoms of bipolar disorder, you must contact a medical professional immediately.

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