5 Colored Chinos That Must be in Your Closet

Chinos are a must-have in every style-savvy gent’s closet. It combines smartness and casualness in a comfy cotton blend, which means they are not only for casual looks, but you can also wear them with bright ensembles. 

Indeed, chinos are fantastic items that one must own but buy of high quality. If you talk about quality, you can head towards Everlane Men’s chinos section or do your research. 

However, finding the best color chinos pants among numerous options takes time. Keep reading if you are short on time and want to best the five best-colored chinos without much hassle. 

5 Colored Chinos Missing in Your Closet 

Men are not price-sensitive, but they need to be more thoughtful when buying chinos. They can research the market about which brand is the best with decent pricing, then check out this list of five best-colored chinos options. 

Olive Green 

While being an unconventional color, olive green gives you an elegant look. There are not a lot of gentlemen who dare to try out this type of colored chinos. However, those who want to stand out from the crowd must wear these olive green chinos as it’s a dashing color. 

You can wear white, all shades of gray, and neutral tones of t-shirts and sneakers with olive green chinos. 

Gray Chinos 

You must have gray chinos in your closet that are suitable for all occasions. Whether you are going for a business meeting or an activity outside your workplace, you can wear gray chinos. 

This shade of color is most versatile, and you can combine it with any color you want and look stylish. However, I prefer not to wear a zed black shirt as it may ruin the look for the best gray chinos. Instead, you can try color combinations from the following:- 

  • White Shirt + Black Shoes 
  • Brown Shoes + White Shirt 
  • Navy Shirt + Brown Shoes 

Let us know in the comments if you have a better idea than this. 

Black Chinos 

While being a solid color, you can wear black chinos with many shades of color. However, brown is an exception. It’s an essential shade of chinos; black must be in a man’s closet. 

Many guys wear brown with black chinos, which is the worst combination ever, don’t do it, guys! You can combine black chinos with red, gray, and green shirts, sweaters, blazers, cardigans, etc. 

If you want to wear black chinos for business occasions, consider buying formal shirts and blazers in brighter shades. 

Beige Chinos 

Buy beige chinos to wear with all primary-color shirts. You can wear this combination for casual occasions, including walks, drink parties, etc. However, avoid black color shirts with beige chinos as they will not give you the elegant look you think. 

Navy Chinos 

Lastly, add navy chinos to your collection, which is vital for your casual style. This color is a choice for most business people. The proper combination of these colors can make or mar your outfit. 

According to its actual shade, while it’s classic navy or blue, you can combine it with white, light blue, and dark blue shirts or sweaters. 

On the Final Note 

While shopping to fill your empty closet, buying chinos is crucial as they are the most versatile. You can wear them on any occasion, from meetings to casual hangouts. However, it would be best if you comprehend the importance of colors before buying. 

For instance, you cannot wear funky color shirts with olive green for business meetings and gray chinos with a white shirt and a tie for hangout with friends. 

Instead, you can buy five colored chinos and wear them as per the occasion, consider buying from Everlane Men’s section if you are confused about where to buy them or do a little legwork to find the best store in the town. 

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